Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Should You Have Alcohol at Company Sponsored Events?

Every year a growing number of companies find themselves on the wrong end of legal actions stemming from the behavior of their employees following the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages at a company sponsored event. Be it a holiday party or even just a sales meeting, employers must be diligent in controlling alcohol ingestion. To that end, the party should have a system whereby a limited number of beverage tickets are issued (2-3) versus having an open bar. The handbook should specifically address alcohol use when entertaining clients and partners. Lastly some form of policing your fellow employee should also be encouraged.

Monday, August 18, 2014

How to Handle Employee Issues Regarding the Dress Code

What can we do if an employee shows up for work inappropriately dressed?
- HR Manager, Business Services

You have a right to maintain a dress code standard, even if you do not have a published policy per se'. You just need to be sure you are consistent in its enforcement and in no way arbitrary when you identify a violation of that policy. To that end when someone is seen at work in an outfit unsuitable for the office you should seek out your HR resource, join them in a meeting with the individual inappropriately dressed behind closed doors, and discuss your concerns with the employee. Be specific. Be polite and professional. In the worst case send them home to change.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Will the Reason a Potential Candidate is Looking for a Job Affect Their Performance at Your Company?

What did you like least about your last job?

This is a no-brainer in that when you learn the answer you should assess whether or not these tasks are part of the job for which they are applying. While some candidates may quickly and honestly say that there are always parts of a job we dislike, they are part of the job and the candidate may accept their presence and the fact they have to perform these tasks. That all being said it's important to probe the candidate to determine exactly how much they hate these job components and whether or not they are part of the reason this candidate is looking for a new job. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Dealing with Violence in the Workplace

In the ever changing world we live in, violence in the workplace is one of the more difficult areas for a business to tackle. In short, you have concerns abound and little clear area in which to operate. To start you should have some policies in place that address the matter and your lack of tolerance / acceptance for any such behavior. That being said dealing with policy violations becomes a very tricky prospect when the potential exists for the activity at hand to spill over outside the workplace. In short you need to consult counsel when / if such a situation arises. Missteps could have dire consequences. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Should Termination Decisions Be Handled by One Person or Management as a Whole?

Terminating an employee is a significant event in the life cycle of any company. The question is who makes that decision? While the manager of the individual is best suited to measure their performance, it is always helpful to hear the opinions of other members of management who work within an area serviced by this person. Their perspective may help balance things a bit and identify ways to manage the bad performance vs. simply get rid of them. Of course if the sentiment is unanimous then you've received validation.